Coin Cunts: an ongoing project featuring a varied collection of altered coin purses. Prints available here.


In our new reality of untruths and the resurgence of misogynistic and racist undercurrents in the United States, the Coin Cunts stand as a visual symbol of empowerment and equality for all people with vulvae. By exposing the mysterious interior of a ubiquitous object I find each Coin Cunt is distinct just as every human is unique. A tease to the imagination, these transposed coin purses challenge our visual and cultural associations of women, money, and power. In light of the #MeToo movement the Coin Cunts give voice to many causes around the globe such as sexual exploitation, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, suppression of women, unnatural body image ideals, the rise of labiaplasty, reproductive justice, and the list continues to grow.