Suzanna cradles her rope sculpture, Raw Guts, 2015.

Artist Statement

So much has been said about the body. There is still more to say. Our body houses us, and it contains our inner life. Our thoughts and desires are our own until we voice them to others. It is the visible object we project on the world and it defines us by gender, race and age.

Through my work I explore forms in and of the body. I am fascinated by its bulbous shapes, layers of sinew and skin, undulating folds, knobby joints and the constant hum of discharged thought and bodily secretions. It is both sensual and ghastly. It brings us pleasure and pain. From birth to death we are captive to the human form we call our body.

I bind, stitch, layer and sculpt using found objects and a variety of materials including; cloth, paper, thread, resin and wax. Through physical process and the repetitive nature of my work, I thrive and give voice to the body.